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Kimjang - UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Do you know How many Kimchi are there in Korea? More than 200😆🌶 Kimchi is not just a cabbage in spicy sauce. The practice of Kimjang (Making Kimchi) reaffirms Korean identity and is an opportunity for strengthening family. Kimjang is also a reminder for that human communities need to live in harmony with nature. Traditional way of preparation follows a yearly cycle, and not over a night. Late autumn is Kimjang season, when communities carefully prepare and share large quantities of kimchi to ensure that every household has enough to sustain it through the long, harsh winter❄️Women monitor weather forecasts to find the most favourable date for Kimjang. Innovative skills and creative ideas are shared and accumulated during the custom of exchanging kimchi among households. The specific methods and ingredients used in Kimjang are considered an important family heritage. Indeed, Kimjang is being recognised by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage.

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