The best for a special and unique Korean meal for 8 to 10 people. 

For a real exciting Korean food experiences. together with your closest friends and families. All the best flavors are included in this party package. 


Toss with Soju,  say "GeonBae !!"  just like the stars you see in the Korean Dramas in Netflix, the green bottle you always see in the Korean movies.  


4 Suni*s Bibimbap,

2 Bulgogi Beef BBQ,

2 Crunchy Sweet and Spicy Korean Chiecken,

2 Okonomi Yaki

2 Potatoe Banchan, 

1 Oi Muchim


2 Korean Soju Liquor,

1 Whole Japanese Fluffy Role Cake of your choice

+ Free 500G Kimchi

+ Free 3 Round Rice 

Korean Party for 8 people