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Full course 6 dish Korean cultural experiences for a couple or one person.


*Please write the delivery date and the address in the "note" before finishing the order. 


1 Appetizer banchan set : Authentic chinese cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, marinated carrots, cooked sprout, marinated zuccini, daikon yellow radish pickles


2 Crispy Dumplings of your choice : choose from Beef, Chicken or Vegan. Children's favorite.


3 Tteokbogi Honey Garlic Sauce ; Rice cake Gnocci with sweet salty honey garlic sauce. Children's favorite.


4 Korean Fried Chicken or Tofu : Spicy or Honey garlic sauce


5 Bibimbap (beef or Tofu) : Rice dish with assorted vegetables, marinated egg, and cooked beef or fried tofu to mix. comes with a special picante bibimbap sauce.


6. Tomato Kimchi


Please mention below in the note.

1 - Vegan course or Meat course

2 - Spicy sauce or Honey garlic sauce for the chicken

3 - When do you want this to be delivered ? Delivery dates and area are as below.


* Gluten free is not an option.

Vegan or not Vegan, Spicy or not spicy are the option.


Korean Dinner Set

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