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We are the only Korean restaurant, newly opened in Tel Aviv.
All of our food is Suni's home recipe from her mother.

About Us

The Authentic Homemade Korean food  & Kimchi


Kimchi's is the one and only authentic Korean food and Kimchi in Tel Aviv!

We are a small business with the most incredible staff. From the chefs, the people helping us pack, and deliverers! We all have the passion to share Korean food and culture with everyone.

Thank You all our dearest customers who continue to come and enjoy our food. ❤

About Us

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The Most Popular Dishes

*Vegan menus are available 

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Find Us

Restaurant Location

Central Tel Aviv

Liliemblum 21, Tel Aviv

Lunch Takeout : Sun to Sat 1130pm to 15pm

                           (weekend 1530pm)

Dinner: Sun to Sat 1730pm to 23pm

For table reservations for dinner, click here. 

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